10 Sep 2020 • 4mins • Yolt

Finspiration: The Yolt team catches up with future homeowner, Wayne


Finspiration: n. That buzz of inspiration you get when someone smashes their money goals. Our Finspiration interview series explores that very feeling, tapping into real money stories from the Yolt community and beyond.

For this edition of Finspiration, we’re chatting with Yolt power user, Wayne!

Thanks for chatting with us! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself to share with the Yolt community?

Wayne: My name is Wayne and I live in South East England with my fiancée and my sons! I work in advertising for a travel company, and another fact about me is I’m profoundly deaf.

Have you got a money goal – a finspiration, so to speak?

Wayne: Yes! Right now, we’re saving up for a house. With a growing family, that’s the main goal that we’re working towards. So, these days it’s all about saving for that deposit.

Have you got a strategy for reaching that goal – or any tips for other people saving for a deposit?

Wayne: A big focus for me has been looking at where I can easily cut back and save. The little things add up. Actually, when I first got Yolt I was surprised to see how much I was wasting on lunch every day. I specifically set up budgets in Yolt for ‘Eating Out’ and ‘Lunch’ to help cut back. It’s really worked, and it’s nice to see the total in my savings account moving up every month. In terms of tips, I’d say look at your spending across a lot of different areas in your life, from eating out to shopping, and see where the little expenses are building up.

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Which Yolt features would you say are keeping you on track?

Wayne: Well, as I said, budgets and spending categories are a big one for me. Just seeing my money clearly and understanding where it’s going has helped me target where I need to improve, and that extra money goes straight into my savings account. Being able to see my different accounts together in Yolt also means I can quickly check my total balance across my current account, saving account and credit card. That’s a big plus for me.

How does Yolt compare to traditional banking apps?

Wayne: I find it a lot easier, since I don’t have to login into different apps. I’m using Yolt to see all of my transactions from my various accounts, and I can actually see what I’m spending my money on. Before Yolt I knew I was overspending, but now I know exactly where I can improve across different categories to make the biggest impact.

Everyone’s relationship with their money is different – how would you say yours has changed since using Yolt?

Wayne: Using Yolt, I just get so much more information, so much more detail. Having that knowledge has given me a lot more money confidence, so at the end of the day I feel a lot more in control of my finances and my money goals. It’s taken a lot of the mystery out of my money and where it’s going day to day.

One last question! We’re always interested in hearing about the different and unique ways people use Yolt. Have you got any money life hacks you’d share with the community?

Wayne: I’ve just made a habit of logging into Yolt every morning when I wake up, so I can quickly check and see what I spent yesterday and make sure I’m still on track. Little daily steps make reaching my house deposit goal a lot easier!

This interview has been edited for concision and clarity.