10 Sep 2020 • 2mins • Yolt

5 super quick tips to make your budget stick


Looking for a few quick money tips while you're on the go? We've got you covered! Staying on track is as easy as ‘1, 2, 3’ with these five top tips to budget better...

1. Start with a goal

Think about the bigger picture, then break it down from there. You can start by setting your ‘Left to spend’ tile in Yolt, so you know your spending power for the month. Then, plan your individual budgets to fit inside that monthly target.

2. Keep it real

Manage your expectations by keeping things realistic. Sure, staying on track can be a challenge sometimes, but it shouldn’t be impossible. Have a good think about your average incomings and outgoings, so you can set budgets you can stick to.

3. Focus on the positive

The word ‘budget’ doesn’t have to be negative. It’s often associated with targets, and the possibility of missing them. But, if you focus on your goals and what you’re aiming for, it can transform into something exciting! Learn more about money mindfulness and the positive change it can bring here!

4. Create a routine

Build money into your daily routine. Pick a time you can commit to, like first thing in the morning, to check in on your spending. This makes it easier to stay on top of your daily outgoings. Plus, it can create a positive relationship with your money. Seeing that you’re on track with your budgets can lead to that feel-good buzz!

5. Be flexible

Reassess your budgets and targets every month. Did you smash your goals? Maybe you can afford that treat or add more to your savings! On the flip side, if you struggled to stay on budget this month, don’t beat yourself up. You can reassess and start afresh!

Bonus tip:

If you haven't yet, check out Yolt! Set monthly targets, track your spending with budgets, and look for better deals, all in one smart money app. Try it out for free on iOS and Android!

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