18 Jan 2021 • 3mins • Gemma Fisher

How to beat the seasonal blues without breaking your budget

A woman upcycles a chair to beat the seasonal blues without breaking her budget

The weather’s dreary and the evenings dark, but you don’t have to go over budget to cheer yourself up.

Here are some creative ways to help you lift your mood – without sabotaging your saving...

Get active
It’s no myth. Exercise really is the quickest way to get those happy hormones pumping. And the best part? It doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

A quick jog around the park, a home HIIT workout, or even just a few light stretches could be enough to shake that dark cloud and help you feel more inspired.

Embrace the outdoors
Did you know Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) is much more common in countries with darker winters?

The sun may not be shining, but getting out in the fresh air can still do you the world of good. Soak up that Vitamin D on a brisk morning walk or countryside stroll – you might be surprised just how much better you feel afterward.

Pick up an old hobby
The seasonal blues can make you feel unmotivated to do the things you love. So why not try resurrecting a forgotten hobby that once made you smile?

Whether it’s digging out an old DIY project, starting a new journal, or picking up a half-learned language, there’s nothing like rediscovering an old passion.

Transform your space
Bringing new energy to your living space doesn’t have to cost a lot. Simply having a good old re-jig could be enough to reinspire your love for your home.

A post-Christmas clear out is another great way to help lessen the clutter and make your space feel more uplifting.

Try some new recipes
Getting creative in the kitchen won’t only inspire you to try some new recipes, but could lead you toward making healthier diet choices.

Vegetarian or vegan cooking, even just a couple of nights a week, could also help cut down your food budget, while giving you the added satisfaction of doing your bit for the planet.

Look ahead
It might sound clichéd, but these darker months can offer the perfect opportunity to slow down and look ahead.

Writing lists costs nothing, so get those dreams down on paper and stick them up somewhere you can see them. You could also set up a saving Goal in the Yolt app to help make your dreams become a reality. However big or small, having your goals written down or on display will help focus your mind and keep you feeling positive about the future.