04 Feb 2021 • 4mins • Yolt

How to plan the perfect date night without breaking the bank

Couple having a date night

Looking for some inspiration to impress your partner without blowing your whole month’s budget? We’ve got eight ideas that will make your loved one feel special, even if you can’t spend as much as you might like.

1. Road trip to nowhere in particular*

Whatever the weather, driving for the fun of driving can be a bit of a luxury. Plan a scenic route around your old haunts, explore somewhere new, or even get out into the countryside for a breath of fresh air with your beau. It’ll only cost you the fuel, plus car snacks (make sure you pack plenty).

2. Take a hike (together)

Read ‘stroll’ instead of ‘hike’ if you’re not super outdoorsy. Getting outside and walking hand in hand is romantic and absolutely free. Be spontaneous and go wherever your feet tell you, or look up a circular route in advance if you’d rather not get lost. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could even plan a scavenger hunt along the route.

3. Enjoy a picnic*

Simple but effective. A picnic is perfect date material and works inside or outside, so you’re not at the mercy of the weather. Pack up some lovely food in a hamper, find a quiet spot and throw down a blanket. If your budget allows, pop open some bubbly and you’re set for as long as you’re comfortable sitting on the ground.

4. Have a throwback dance party

Music is a great way to evoke nostalgia, so take a trip down memory lane by creating a playlist of your relationship. From old rave faves, to that pop hit you played on repeat one summer holiday, turn up the volume and have your own living room disco.

Or if sophistication is more your vibe, open a nice bottle of wine and kick back to listen to your vintage records and throwback tapes.

5. Learn how to dance

Busting some moves is a sure-fire way to impress a date. But even if you’ve got two left feet, taking a dance class together can be a lot of fun – or at least a guaranteed laugh. Actual dance lessons might be expensive, but there’s loads of tutorials online that you can do at home for free. You just need to choose between tango and twerking…

6. Snuggle up for a movie night

But not just any movie night. Recreate the cinema experience at home and avoid the eye-watering cost of tickets and popcorn. You could watch the first film you ever saw together, or celebrate the year you met/got married. For an extra touch, theme the dress-code and snacks, either to match the film or the year.

7. Stargaze from your balcony or garden

All you need for this idea is a blanket (or two) and a clear night – preferably somewhere without too much light pollution. Show off by looking up constellations and star names in advance, or use an app to map them in real time.

8. Cook (or order) a candlelit dinner

A new take(away) on an old classic – instead of going out to a restaurant, make dinner at home a bit special. Try out a new recipe, or use some unusual ingredients to spend time together in the kitchen as well as during dinner. Or treat yourself to a takeaway – eating by candlelight is romantic, whatever’s on the menu.

There might not be room in your budget for splashy dates every week, but tucking away a little bit every month means you may be able to save up for something special on those big occasions. Create a budget that works for you in the Yolt app.

*Might not be suitable during COVID lockdown, depending on restrictions.