10 Jun 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

How to plan your group holiday on a budget

How to plan your group vacation on a budget

Planning for a group getaway? Going away with a gang of friends might sound like a good way to cut costs, but if you’ve got different budgets in mind, it can be easy to end up spending more than you bargained for.

Use our top tips to help you enjoy your holiday without feeling restricted…

1. Know your budget

The most important thing when going away with friends is to know your own budget and stick to it. Only you can take ownership of your spending, so make time to review your savings and decide your budget, before you start booking.

Yolt tip: set a holiday Budget in your Yolt app so we can help you stay on target.

2. Prioritise your spending

Like with any holiday, you’ll have a few upfront costs to shell out for including travel, accommodation and any insurance you might need. But be careful not to leave yourself short. You’re sure to want a good amount of spending money left over for food and day trips while you’re away, so factor this in when thinking about your budget.

Yolt tip: set up Categories to help separate your costs and stop you from leaving yourself short.

3. Shop around

Sometimes getting the best deal means doing a bit of detective work. Booking earlier flights or being flexible with your check-in dates could help you find the holiday you want at a price you’ll love.

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4. Don’t feel self-conscious

When it comes to organising group trips, communication is key. Don’t let one person take control without letting them know your budget. There’s nothing worse than feeling railroaded into something you can’t afford. Flag your limits early so you can all have a stress-free getaway.

Yolt tip: need some help sparking up that money conversation? Use some of these easy conversation starters to help ease the awkwardness.

5. Have fun

Of course it would be nice to get back with your savings still intact. But don’t let your budget stop you having fun. Enjoy your holiday, and Yolt will be here to help you replenish your savings once you’ve got your tan.

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