28 Jan 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

How to turn your New Year’s resolution into a new you resolution

Couple starting their 'new you' resolutions

According to research, only a quarter of people stick to all of their New Year’s resolutions, with many ditching their good intentions straight after January.

Whether your goal is to quit smoking, lose weight or start saving, here’s how to turn your resolutions into a life-long habits.

Think long term

Nearly completed your resolution? That’s great. Now ask yourself, “how could I take this further?”

Setting a short-term goal is unlikely to change your lifestyle. So why not dream big? You’re far more likely to strive if you set yourself a challenge.

Break it down

Okay, so you’ve set your sights high – but now you’re not sure how to get going…

Breaking your big-picture goal down into smaller, more manageable milestones can help keep you motivated. Set yourself quarterly or monthly goals to meet along the way, and enjoy the buzz when you hit your checkpoint.

Make it rewarding

Did you achieve one of your mini-goals? Reward yourself!

You deserve to see some pay-off for your hard work, even if it means giving yourself a cheeky ‘cheat day’ from your resolution.

Remember – it’s okay to slip up

Some days will be harder than others when it comes to sticking to your resolution. That’s okay though. The most important thing is not to give up.

Be kind to yourself. You’re making this change for you, however small your steps might be.

Keep your eyes on the prize

As you reach your mini-goals, it’s important to remember what you’re working toward. After all, you’ve set that long-term goal for a reason.

Create a visual stimulus for what you’re aiming for. Maybe you’re saving for a holiday? Building up a house deposit? Or working toward your wedding day?

Whatever your end goal, you won’t achieve it overnight. But keeping the prize in sight should help you feel motivated to keep trying.