10 Sep 2020 • 3mins • Yolt

Here's how to spend smart this Black Friday and Cyber Monday


One of the biggest sales events of the year is coming up! Have a look through our top tips to take your money further this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Have a plan!

Think of all those times you went to the supermarket without a list and ended up with nothing but gummy bears, persimmons, and 7 eggs. The same applies here – know what you want or need. Whether you’ve been eyeing something special for yourself or you’re mapping out your Christmas shopping, have a sense of what you want to buy before you hit the sales.

2. Ask yourself: ‘Do I actually want this thing?’

With all of those epic sales, the temptation will be real. But the last thing you want to do is blow your Christmas shopping budget buying things just because they’re on offer. If you don’t need it right now (ie. that super cool drone isn’t actually on anyone’s Christmas list), you can always wait until the big Boxing Day sales. If you still really want that drone, there’s a good chance it will go on sale again after Christmas. Get more tips on fighting those impulse buys in our guide to money mindfulness.

3. Do your research first

There are deals and there are deals. Do a little research to make sure you’re getting the best prices for your Black Friday purchases. There are some super handy websites out there to make this easier. For example, some let you check the price history of different products, so you can find out if they’ve been cheaper before. Some retailers use dynamic pricing and so their prices change a lot throughout the year. You could be paying more for that coveted camera on Black Friday than during other times of the year!

4. Sweeten the deal

If you want to take your Black Friday savings further, you could check out some handy cashback and voucher sites. With cashback sites, you can get money back on your purchases. Voucher sites let you search and track deals on the products you’re after. Just keep in mind, you usually can’t combine cashback with other offers, so don’t forget tip 3: do your research first!

5. Stay on top of your Black Friday shopping with Yolt

You’ve already set your Black Friday plan, so now you just need to stay on track. Stay on top of your purchases throughout the sales and monitor your total spend to make sure you don’t go over budget. With Yolt tags you can tag all of your purchases with #BlackFriday, so it’s easy to search and tally up how much you’ve spent.

If you’re buying gifts, remember to add those festive tags like #GiftsforMum or #Christmas🎄. Don’t forget to keep checking in, in case you need to reign it in before that spend snowballs.

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