10 Sep 2020 • 3mins • Yolt

How to keep your lockdown spending on the low


There’s no doubt about it, we’re living in unprecedented times. With the lockdown in full effect, spending habits are changing quickly, with everything from grocery shopping to entertainment budgets impacted.

Over the coming weeks, our Lockdown series will offer ideas on how you could get into a simple money routine. Each post will provide you with top tips on how to keep your spending low, free-up cash and even save.

This week, we’ll be casting an eye over one of the nation’s favourite pastimes: shopping.

Our tips on keeping your shopping spending low

Those “Buy now” buttons are bound to look more appealing as the lockdown continues. To get you (and your wallet and sanity) through it, we’ve put together a few tips to building solid online shopping habits.

Take a breath
If you’re browsing online shops to pass the time, you may end up with a few items in your basket. Why not take a moment and ask yourself these three questions before checking out?

1. How am I feeling?
2. Why am I buying this?
3. How am I paying for it?

Even better, sleep on it – and if you still want it, snap it up! It’s a sure fire way of keeping buyer’s remorse at bay (You don’t want to feel anxious whenever you slip on your brand new trainers after all - only good vibes here!).

We know it's not always possible, but try to avoid putting things on credit cards or “Buy Now, Pay Later”, too. Then you're not committing yourself to any unnecessary debt.

Add a little friction
If you want to make shopping online a little harder, you could unlink your payment cards – it’s an easy way of reducing temptation. An extra step between you and that new drum kit – like having to stand up to find your wallet – may cause you to ask whether you really want it.

Redirect your (e)mail
When there’s a sale on, retailers are going to want you to know about it. By unsubscribing from mailing lists, you're less likely to be enticed. This gives you more control too, as you decide when you want to browse your favourite shops.

Don’t forget: you can always sign back up later!

Keep it social
Half of the time, shopping is just about getting together with your friends. Just because we’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you have to give up your shopping trips.

If you schedule a video call with your mates, not only will you get to see a friendly face, you’ll get a second opinion on your basket too. And while they won’t be there in person to forcibly stop you from making a fashion faux pas, at least you’ll get a few laughs in!

How shopping habits have changed

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