10 Sep 2020 • 8mins • Yolt

The best tech to upgrade your uni experience


Now that university is in full swing, you’ve survived your sports team initiation and you can just about make it to your Monday morning lecture without getting lost, it’s time to take your student experience to the next level - with some extra handy tech!

In our recent survey, we reached out to 2000 students across the UK to find out more about some of the top uni pain points when it comes to money management. We were surprised to find that a whopping 32% track and calculate their finances in their head. A further 5% don’t manage their finances at all. With so much great tech out there making it easier than ever to streamline your finances - and just about every facet of life- we’ve rounded up some of the best apps out there that could make uni life that little bit easier.

At Yolt, we’re all about saving and spending smart, so all of our top tech picks not only free up your time, but come free of cost, too. In fact, some might even save you money. Read on for our top picks…


What’s it for?
Evernote, just as it sounds, is a note-taking app for every situation! It lets you capture, organise and access all your notes from one handy app. You can use it on your laptop either as a downloaded application or online, as well as on your phone for on-the-go situations. You can do all sorts of handy things like tag your notes around a particular theme or subject, upload documents and drawings, and share you work with other Evernote users.

Why does it work for students?
Well, you are at university to study, and note taking is kind of a big part of that. But rather than lug round numerous notebooks and files, you can just keep Evernote on your laptop and build different notebooks and tags into the app - one for each class you’re taking.

Find out more about Evernote here.


What’s it for?
Ever had that moment where you’ve written a random word on a page designed to be a prompt, but actually you just end up staring at it desperately, wondering what on earth was going through your head at the time? Yep, us too, which is why we’re happy to announce that SoundNote could be the end to that confusion.

Why does it work for students?
SoundNote works by recording your lecture as you make notes, so if you’re just writing down a few words as a prompt, the app can actually take you back to what your lecturer was saying at the time! Perfect for those early morning lectures when you might still be a bit sleepy…

Find out more about SoundNote here.

EasyBib - essay bibliography

What’s it for?
Easily putting together essay bibliographies, with a variety of reference styles to choose from. You can get the app for free, but the paid-for version also provides grammar and plagiarism checks.

Why does it work for students?
Is it just us, or did the stress of referencing cause almost as much anxiety as the actual essay writing? Different universities tend to want different citation styles, so this handy app can help you easily convert your bibliography into the right one for your uni and course.

The website also has lots of free writing resources, ranging from introductions to putting together a bibliography to writing and grammar guides.

Find out more about EasyBib here.


What’s it for?
To sort out your entire life with handy lists! From workload and personal errands to house shopping lists, this is a one-stop-shop for list fanatics.

Why does it work for students?
Whether you need to make lists of your coursework or you need to note down who to get a Christmas present for, Wunderlist lets you set up multiple lists, both on your desktop and in the mobile app. Need to set up a shared chores list with your housemates? You can all sync that one particular list together, while the rest of yours will stay private.

You can also set up subtasks and notes within a particular to-do, so if the task at hand is an essay, you can get even more granular by breaking it down into research, first draft, bibliography, etc., to see exactly where you are with your workload.

Find out more about Wunderlist here.

Circle of 6

What’s it for?
Finding your friends on a night out and keeping safe.

Why does it work for students?
Circle of 6 lets you set up 6 contacts that you can quickly and easily send an alert to if you’re having problems getting home, or if you need an interruption. You can ask them to call you, or send all 6 of them your GPS coordinates at the touch of a button. The app also lists helpful links, resources and information based on your personal priorities.

Find out more about Circle of 6 here.

Big Oven

What’s it for?
A one-stop food app, Big Oven has thousands of recipes that can be broken down by course, season and diet type, as well as lots of meal inspiration that’s put together by their team, like the ‘comfort food’ and ‘pumpkin everything’ collection that’s been put out for autumn.

Why does it work for students?
Like managing your money, uni may be the first time that you’ve had to sort out your food shopping and meals. Along with recipes, Big Oven has loads of handy features that can help you make your food shop go further - from meal planners to saved recipes, and even a leftovers generator so you can see if you can scrape a meal from the leftover scraps in the fridge!

Bonus tip: You can use Big Oven along with your grocery budget in the Yolt app to keep you on track of your food spend.

Find out more about Big Oven here.

Student Beans

What’s it for?
Discounts! From the odd free burger or sausage roll, to 15% off health and beauty products, Student Beans lists exclusive student offers happening right in your area.

Why does it work for students?
Well, free food, obviously! Plus you can find time-limited extra discounts on things like clothes, travel and appliances. Use your discounts in conjunction with your Yolt shopping budget to make sure your spending stays on track!

Find out more about Student Beans here.

Too good to go

What’s it for?
This handy app is on a mission to save delicious food and end food waste! You can easily search for food from your favourite chains and takeaways that would otherwise be thrown away at the end of the day - and buy it at a discount!

Why does it work for students?
In our recent survey, students said 31% of their living expenses went towards food. We’ve gone into all of the details around food budgeting here, but some days you just want to lay back, relax, and enjoy an easy takeaway night. With Too Good To Go you can enjoy that treat - not only on a budget but with the added bonus of cutting down on food waste! It’s a win-win.

Find out more about Too Good To Go here.


What’s it for?
Well, obviously we were going to pop up in here at some point! Yolt is the answer to all your student money management needs. You can set up budgets, pay friends, check your spending and keep an eye on where your money is really going.

Why does it work for students?
Being away at university is probably the first time that you’ve really had to handle your own money, and you might find it a little overwhelming initially. In our recent survey, 77% of students said that they bury their heads in the sand when it comes to their personal finances. Yolt makes it easy to manage your money - all in one clear place. You can set up budgets across your major spends like food, socialising and school supplies; transfer money to your housemates to pay for bills; and keep an eye on any upcoming payments, all within the app.

Take a look at our blog on budgeting at university here, or find out how to set up budgets and personalisation features in your app.