18 Feb 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

Understanding The Money Jar Challenge

Saving with the Money Jar Challenge

What is the Money Jar Challenge?

The Money Jar Challenge is a weekly challenge to help get you into the habit of saving. Yolt will task you to save just £8 a week into your Money Jar, giving you a potential saving of at least £416 a year.

How does it work?

Up to the challenge? Or course you are. Getting going couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is activate The Money Jar Challenge in your Yolt app and your weekly countdown will begin.

Every penny you stick in your Money Jar will count toward your target. You can save all in one go, or little by little over the course of the week. It’s completely up to you.

Visualise your progress and keep track of how far you have to go in the Saving tab across the top of the screen. Watch as the bar edges closer to the finish with every penny you stash away, and enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling when you smash your target.

How can Yolt help me reach my target?

Looking for some nifty ways to boost your saving game? Yolt has just the thing. Jar Boosters are handy little tools that can help you supercharge your savings with no extra effort:

• The Round Up: Yolt will automatically round-up any spare change to the nearest pound and stick it in your Money Jar

• The Cashback Collector: activate this booster to stow away the cashback you earn from any of Yolt’s in-app offers

• The Introducer: refer a friend to Yolt and you’ll both get £5. With this Jar Booster turned on, your reward will land straight in your Money Jar

• The Set Saver: choose exactly how much and how often you want to move money from your Yolt Account to your Money Jar

Can I set my own saving challenge?

You sure can. Change your target at any time by heading over to the Money Jar tab in your Yolt Wallet and adjust your challenge target to match your personal saving goals.

Ready to save?

That’s what we like to hear. Download the Yolt app today to kickstart your savings journey. You’ll be surprised just how easy hitting those targets can be with automatic saving.