Save like a pro

Ready to up your savings game? Our partners share their top tips

Raisin UK

Life is full of surprises. Having a safety net to fall back on can help you feel in control if something unexpected affects your finances. Kevin Mountford from Raisin UK talks to us about the importance of emergency funds and how savings products can help you.

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Got more than one pension? It’s easy to forget about old pensions if you can’t see them. Clare Reilly from PensionBee explains how bringing your pensions all together in one place can help you make sense of your finances and budget for your future self.

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Thinking about investing? You don’t need lots of money to start – you can invest as much (or as little) as you like. Michelle Pearce-Burke from Wealthify tells us how investing works and how it could help you grow your money in the long-term.

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Are you getting the best deal on your loan? Dawn Woods from Monevo explains how comparing and switching can help you manage repayments and potentially save money.

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