26 Feb 2021 • 3mins • Yolt

How to get money confident


Do you feel intimidated when it comes to managing your finances?

Perhaps you feel like you won’t be able to stick to a budget even if you set one, or worry that you just don’t know where your paycheque goes. Maybe you prefer not to look at your bank account at all…

Don’t worry, we get you. And we want to show you that money doesn’t have to be scary. Here’s some real life advice and practical tips to help you get more money confident.

“I’m just no good at budgeting”

There are lots of reasons you might feel this way. But there are plenty of simple ways to make budgeting easy – and some of them you won’t even have to think about.

A common problem when it comes to budgeting, is that people only think about the short term. But budgeting is actually a whole lot easier if you treat it as a long-term lifestyle change.

Building habits is the best way to make budgeting easy. So easy in fact, that it becomes something you do automatically.

Top tip:Use Yolt Budgets to help you organise your expenses and keep yourself on track. You can even get helpful nudges and notifications if you’re getting close to your budget limit.

“I don’t understand where my paycheque goes”

Do you constantly find yourself strapped for cash? The best way to find out what’s really happening with your finances is to get all your accounts in one place.

Tracking your incomings and outgoings in real-time will help you see what you spend on the most, and show you any old subscriptions or direct debits you might have forgotten about.

Top tip: Get the full picture of your money by viewing all your cards and accounts side by side on your Yolt dashboard.

“Saving makes me unhappy”

If the idea of saving makes you miserable, it’s probably because saving has felt like a struggle. But we’re here to show you it doesn’t have to be that way.

Yolt can make saving easy with automated saving features, interactive challenges and helpful tips and encouragements to keep you feeling motivated.

Before you know it, your savings pot will be brimming – and hey. You might even experience that sweet little buzz of satisfaction when you hit your target.

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“It’s easier not to look.”

If you have money anxiety, it can be all too easy to bury your head in the sand. But ignoring your finances won’t make things feel any easier. In fact, making steps to take back control of your money is far more likely to give you peace of mind in the long run.

Maybe one reason you’re not looking at your money often enough, is because your money is so spread out, or because your online banking is a hassle to connect to.

With Yolt, you can see your accounts in one place, giving you a complete overview of your money. We’ll even give you easy-to-read graphs and insights, to help you feel more empowered and understand where you spend and save.

Top tip: Get personalised tips from Yolt. Simple ideas, like “Save on payday” or “Pocket your bonus”, make reaching your goals easier than ever.