09 Apr 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

How to spring clean your bank account with Yolt

Spring clean your savings

It’s not just your cupboards that could benefit from a bit of clear out. Give your accounts a good old tidy up with new Yolt features.

1. Connect your accounts

Are you constantly losing track of money going in and out of your accounts? View them all in one place on your Yolt Dashboard. Check your balance and see any upcoming payments in a glance. Money’s never been so simple.

2. Set up notifications

How many forgotten subscriptions and direct debits are lingering in your account? Perhaps it’s time for a clear out. Turn on notifications to let Yolt give you a nudge when money goes in and out of your account. You’ll iron out any unwanted payments in no time.

3. Automate your saving

Say goodbye to forgotten saving deposits. With the Set Saver, you can automatically transfer money from your Yolt Account to your Money Jar. Simply choose how much and how often you want to put money aside and let Yolt do the rest. You can find the Set Saver under your Savings tab.

4. Organise your taxes

If you’re self-employed or have any freelance income, spring is the perfect time to get your accounts organised for the new financial year. Check out our top tips for organising your taxes with Yolt.

5. Reset your budgets

It’s natural for your budgets to change year-on-year. Take time to rethink how you divvy your spending allowance and set personalised Budgets to help keep you on track.

6. Factor summer into your saving Goals

The clocks have sprung forward and the weather’s warming up. Set up a new saving Goal to get you in the summer mood – you could even check out Yolt’s new Jar Boosters to help you on your way.