12 Feb 2021 • 3mins • Yolt

Real talk: Money

Couple talking about money

Talks about money can be important, especially when it comes to day-to-day costs or pulling together on savings goals. But how do you get the conversation going?

Save yourself getting tongue-tied with these simple conversation starters.

“I want to start saving for…”

Got a money goal in mind, but need a little help getting there? Perhaps you want to set a joint aim like saving for a holiday, or towards a housing deposit. Or maybe you just need someone to be your cheerleader for a personal target. Either way, saying your goal out loud is the first big step to setting that ball in motion.

So, what are you waiting for? Make that goal a reality by sharing it with someone close to you. You’ll be amazed how much more motivated you feel.

“Do you think we should change how we…”

Save? Budget? Split expenses? Whatever it is, if you share money with a friend or partner, it’s important to take stock every once in a while, to make sure you’re both still happy with how things are going.

Open the conversation in a way that allows you both to have your say. You might even find it useful to schedule monthly check-ins so you know there’s always time set aside for money talks.

“Does budgeting stress you out?”

If you’re feeling pressured by your budget, it might be time to open up about your worries. You’d be surprised how many people feel anxious about their money management, but talking about it is the first step toward feeling better.

Whether it’s a partner, friend or a parent, find someone you trust and lead in gently by putting the question to them first. You never know, they may even have some tips or experience you could use too.

“Have you ever used a budgeting app?”

Does the person you share money with struggle to stay on budget? If you have joint money goals, it can be frustrating to feel like one of you isn’t pulling their weight. But it’s important not to go in guns blazing.

Instead of asking why they’re struggling, or turning it into a blame game, pose a suggestion of how to make things easier for both of you. Making the conversation two-way will help your partner know that you’re on their side.

“Do you pay into a pension fund?”

Maybe you’re thinking about your future, or perhaps you’re looking out for someone else – like a parent or a partner. Whatever the case, it’s never too early to start saving for the future.

Kickstart that all-important money chat by talking about what you’re already doing to save. Then you can feel free to open the conversation up to thinking about other things you could be doing to secure your future savings.

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