10 Sep 2020 • 3mins • Yolt

Understanding your money mood


Ever thought about how your mood might have an effect on your bank balance? Understanding when and why you spend or save can be really useful in helping you hit your saving goals.

Which of these 5 money moods ring true to you?


If you’re happy and you know it… you may not feel the need to splash the dosh on treating yourself, making you more able to save. But if you’re a ‘happy spender’, you might find that over-confidence encourages a more carefree approach, with a lack of attention to your outgoings. Hey, you’re enjoying yourself, right?

Top tip: If you’re prone to spending on a whim, try giving yourself a 48-hour wait period before you buy anything new, giving you time to decide if you really want that new jacket.


Has anxiety got you obsessing over your spending? If life isn’t quite going to plan, you may try to counter your worries by taking excessive control of your money. While this might be great for your savings, it might not be so good for your mental health.

Top tip: If anxieties about the future lead you to stress over money, try setting up a direct debit for your savings account at the start of each month. That way you’ll know you’re always putting savings aside.


Do you get a buzz when you buy something new? Impulsive spenders are less likely to hesitate over purchases, whether that’s a pair of trainers in a shop window or a cheeky 2-for-1 at the supermarket. Trouble is, you might end up running out by the end of the month.

Top tip: Off to the supermarket? Try having a snack before you go, so you’re not hungrily buying things your stomach is shouting for – this also works with online food shopping.


When you’re feeling low, it might make sense to try and cheer yourself up with some retail therapy, a mid-week takeaway or maybe a night out. A little treat might be just the thing, but try not to let your emotions run riot over your bank balance – it might not help your mood in the long run.

Top tip: Try unlinking your card from online shopping sites so there’s a couple of extra steps between your basket and your money.


You don’t buy a lot for yourself, but you do love to treat those around you – and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Just try to make sure your budget is set up with your generosity in mind, so you’re not feeling the pinch.

Top tip: Have a spending limit – both in your head and on a card – so you’re more mindful about how much you’re spending. Setting a Budget in your Yolt app can help you stay accountable for your generous spending.

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