16 Oct 2020 • 2mins • Gemma Fisher

Christmas spending: Top insights from our Christmas survey


We’re in full festive swing here at Yolt, and we hope you’re getting into the holiday spirit, too. After all, it’s one of the most exciting times of the year. That said, it can also be one of the priciest – Christmas aside, 43% of respondents actually see winter as the most expensive season. So, we decided to turn to you, the Yolt community, for some extra insight into Christmas spending. We got a lot of great responses to our small survey, so take a look at the top Christmas insights of 2017.

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Whether or not you consider winter the priciest season, if you're celebrating Christmas this year, it might be worth getting a budget in place to make your festive spending go that bit further. That said, we were happy to hear 81% of respondents said they'd be planning Christmas with some sort of budget in mind, whether a rough estimate, a firm budget, or multiple budgets across different spending categories. And an additional 6% said that even though they'd never budgeted at Christmas before, they were now planning to for the first time!

So, we were thrilled to hear that nearly 60% planned to use Yolt specifically for the Christmas season!

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Spending categories reigns supreme as the most used feature this Christmas season, followed by budgeting, payday count down, and our subscriptions tracker. So, it was easy for people to share their top Christmas spending categories with us, from presents to parties. Have a look through the top contenders below, and see how you compare.

What's your top spending category at Christmas? Here's what our community said!

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And if you're already thinking ahead to the New Year, it might be worth noting that over 50% are planning to set a money-related resolution! But until then, enjoy a fantastic Christmas season!

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How do you compare to our Christmas insights?