06 Jul 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

Understanding the Savings Calculator

Understanding the Savings Calculator

Got a big saving Goal in mind, but don’t know where to start? Our Savings Calculator can help you out.

What is the Savings Calculator?

The Yolt Savings Calculator is an easy-to-use, online tool designed to help you plan your savings journey. Whatever your Goal, the Savings Calculator will give you a clear idea of exactly how much you need to save every day, week or month to smash your target.

How can the Savings Calculator help me reach my Goal?

Saving Goals can seem daunting, especially if you’ve got a big sum to save. But saving doesn’t have to be scary. That’s why we created a tool that breaks your big Goal down into manageable chunks, so you can work steadily toward your target without feeling overwhelmed.

Cool, so how does it work?

Honestly, it couldn’t be simpler:

Step 1: Head to the Savings Calculator on the Yolt website.

Step 2: Enter your saving Goal, how much you need to save, and your target date.

Step 3: See your personal saving plan broken down into daily, weekly and monthly targets.

Can Yolt help me reach my Goal faster?

Of course, your Yolt app is packed with smart features to help you supercharge your saving. Check out our handy Jar Boosters to find out how you can automate your saving, getting you closer to your target without any extra effort.