31 Mar 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

Understanding Yolt – The Set Saver

Everything you need to know about The Set Saver

Get set, get saving. Here’s how to put your savings on auto-drive….

What is the Set Saver?

The Set Saver is one of Yolt’s handy Jar Boosters, designed to help you save with minimal effort. It also contributes toward your Money Jar Challenge.

With the Set Saver turned on, you’ll be able to schedule automatic payments from your Yolt Account to your Money Jar – so you know your savings are on the up, without having to move the money yourself.

How does it work?

It’s as simple as one, two, three…
Step 1.
Turn on the Set Saver in the Savings tab
Step 2.
Decide how much you want to stash in your Money Jar and how often
Step 3.
Once activated, Yolt will automatically move this set amount from your Yolt Account to your Money Jar

You can change how much you stash away at any time by going back to the Savings tab.

Will the Set Saver help me reach my saving goals?

Using the Set Saver is a great way to help automate your savings and hit your goals without any extra effort. It also means there’s no danger of you forgetting to move money into your savings pot, because Yolt will do it automatically.

What if I leave myself short?

Got some unexpected payments? No need to panic. You can move money back to your Yolt Account from your Money Jar at any time by going into your Yolt Wallet.

Ready to take on the Money Jar Challenge?

Take your savings to the next level with the Yolt Money Jar Challenge. We’ll challenge you to save just £8 a week (you can save more if you want to), giving you an extra £416 a year to spend however you choose.