03 May 2021 • 2mins • Yolt

Understanding Yolt: The Cashback Collector

Understanding Yolt: The Cashback Collector

Looking for more ways to save while you spend? We’ve got you covered. With the Cashback Collector you can earn rewards on your favourite retailers, and earn cashback straight to your Money Jar.

What is the Cashback Collector?

The Cashback Collector is one of Yolt’s Jar Boosters, helping automate your saving so you can reach your Goals faster.

With the Cashback Collector turned on, you’ll automatically pocket the cashback you earn from Yolt’s in-app offers in your Money Jar so you can spend or save on whatever you choose.

How does it work?

Start earning money back with the Cashback Collector in three simple steps:
1. Turn on the Cashback Collector (it’s under the Saving tab)
2. Browse our in-app cashback deals
3. Shop with your chosen partner through the Yolt app

And that cheeky little reward will land in your Money Jar in no time.

Will the Cashback Collector help me save?

The Cashback Collector automatically puts the rewards you earn through in-app offers straight into your Money Jar instead of onto your Yolt Card. That means you’re less likely to spend your reward without realising. It also goes towards your Money Jar Challenge, helping you smash those saving goals faster.