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Unthink Tank events

Unthink Tank explores the concept of 'unthinking', inviting leaders and innovators from the tech, disruptor, and creative communities to discuss the issues that impassion and empower them.

Past Events

18 An International Women's Day Fintech Panel: Flipping Tradition

Mon 2nd March 2020
Rise, London, 41 Luke Street, EC2A 4DP

Megan Caywood (Barclays), Clare Reilly (PensionBee), Casey Lord (Nutmeg), Pauline van Brakel (Yolt), Ghela Boskovich (FemTech Global)


17 Sue Black unthinks gender bias and the future of technology

Mon 11th November 2019

It’s our biggest ever Unthink Tank! We're so excited to announce that we’ll be hosting one of the leading tech personalities in the UK today, Professor Sue Black OBE, at FinTECHTalents on Monday 11th November 2019. Sue, in true Unthink Tank style, will be exploring the gender bias within the technology industry, and hinting at what the future may hold.


16 Marc Powell & John Worsfold on Seeing Tech Differently

Mon 22nd July 2019
Rise 41 Luke Street, London, EC2A 4DP

Innovators, big-thinkers and Royal National Institute of Blind People representatives, Marc Powell and John Worsfold, take the Unthink Tank stage to break the norm and see things differently.


15 Liz Lumley Disrupts Startup Culture

Wed 29th May 2019
WeWork Labs London, 70 Wilson Street

Liz Lumley challenges what it means to be a startup today and how to build positive change.


14 Tom Cheesewright Tracks the Ever Increasing Speed of Change

Wed 1st May 2019
Eagle Labs, Manchester

Applied futurist, Tom Cheesewright, track the ever increasing speed of change, and how to avoid being left behind.


13 David Sheldon-Hicks explores how Sci-Fi Futurism is Shaping our Everyday World

Wed 3rd April 2019
WeWork Mark Square, EC2A 4EG

Step into the future with David Sheldon-Hicks as he explore futuristic tech from sci-fi movies, and how they shaping the real-life world around us


12 An International Women's Day Fintech Panel: Shaping Tech’s Future Workforce

Tue 5th March 2019
Rise London, EC2A 4DP

With Sarah Kocianski (11:FS), Veronique Barbosa (Flux), Sharon O’Dea (Lithos Partners), Valentina Kristensen (OakNorth) & Pauline van Brakel (Yolt)


11 Pete Trainor Takes on AI and the Future of Fintech

Thu 31st January 2019
Makerversity, Somerset House

Pete Trainor is an author, applied Artificial Intelligence designer, technologist, accidental polymath, mental health campaigner and co-founder of Us Ai.


10 Sadie Clayton Redesigns Self Expression

Wed 14th November 2018
Mall Galleries

Sadie Clayton graduated from Kingston University in 2013 with a BA Honors Fashion Design. Fascinated by design, Sadie took these foundations to explore the creative boundaries between art, technology and fashion.


09 Lucy Sheridan redefines Personal Success and the Online Persona

Thu 11th October 2018
Huckletree Shoreditch

Lucy Sheridan has made a name for herself as the first and only Comparison Coach, on a mission to tackle our online anxieties and change the way we think about success.


08 Angelica Malin Rebuilds the Business Blueprint

Mon 23rd July 2018
Rise London

Angelica Malin is the Founder & Editor-in-Chief at About Time Magazine, a top London lifestyle magazine dedicated to finding everything it's 'about time you tried' in London and beyond.


07 Otegha Uwagba kickstarts Your Personal Brand

Wed 27th June 2018
Runway East Old Street

Otegha Uwagba is a writer, brand consultant, and the founder of Women Who – a London-based platform that connects, supports, and inspires creative working women.


06 Jean Smith reimagines Your Digital Social Life

Wed 16th May 2018
WeWork Old Street

Jean Smith is an author, international speaker, and social intelligence coach. She works with brands, agencies, universities and individuals around the globe to help them become more comfortable, persuasive and successful in their interpersonal relationships.


05 Emma Gannon Redefines the Career Path

Wed 18th April 2018
WeWork Old Street

Emma Gannon is an author, broadcaster and host of the Ctrl Alt Delete podcast. She has been named as one of Forbes' 30 under 30, 2018.


04 Chris Skinner decodes Open Banking

Wed 7th March 2018
Plexal, Here East

Chris Skinner is an independent consultant and author of the the bestselling books, Digital Bank and ValueWeb. He chairs the Financial Services Club and Nordic Finance Innovate, and is a Non-Executive Director of 11:FS.


03 Colab Theatre's Bertie Watkins reimagines Immersive Theatre

Fri 24th November 2017
Second Home Spitalfields

Bertie founded CoLab Theatre in 2013 with the aim of changing the way people think about theatre and narrative. As Artistic Director, Bertie creates immersive theatre experiences by leveraging unique spaces, technology and the audience themselves.


02 David Birch on Blockchain, Bitcoin & the Future of Money

Fri 20th October 2017
Fetch London, Tea Building

Listed as one of the world’s top 100 most influential FinTech leaders, David Birch is an author, advisor and commentator on digital financial services. He is a Director of Consult Hyperion and Technology Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation.


01 Tom Hörbye of Seedrs unthinks Start-Ups

Wed 27th September 2017
Huckletree Shoreditch

Tom heads up the Campaign Development team at Seedrs. He and his team are the first point of contact for entrepreneurs considering equity crowdfunding and raising on Seedrs, the largest pan-European equity crowdfunding platform.